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Let me show you how to turn the services you already sell into 5k-30k packages that business owners go crazy for.
What if you could charge 5x-10x-30x what you're currently charging for your services just by "packaging" them more intelligently...
I'm proud to introduce you the Secret Technique that we use to make more than all of our competitors (and sign up more happy clients) by using our.
Learn the step-by-step method to plan, package, and create the kinds of programs that you can sell for 5-30k each.
What you get inside of the high level "High Ticker Package Formula" Training?
Part 1:
What exactly is "High Ticket Pain"?
You'll learn the exact "problem framework" that people shell out the big bucks to solve. Not every problem is high ticket worthy. You'll learn exactly how to find and go after the problems that are.
Part 2:
High Ticket Audience Psychology.
You'll learn the exact mindset issues that you need to understand in order to satisfy the needs of someone who will pay you big money to solve their problem. We'll also dig into some "high ticket audience" examples in this section.
Part 3:
High Ticket Positioning Secrets.
You'll learn the exact things that you need to do to position a low/mid ticket offer as a high ticket offer. (warning: this is going to seem like speaking a new language at first, but you'll quickly get the hang of it).
Part 4:
Dr Ben's "High End Package Building Framework".
You'll learn the exact copywriting strategy that I use to write out offers for my High Ticket Prospects. You'll see how to position your offer the right way for your high ticket prospects.
Part 5:
High End Sales Closing Uncensored.
I'll walk you through the exact process that you need to go through to close a high ticket client. When you're done with this section you'll understand what a full high end sale looks like from start to finish.
But that's not all...
You're also going to be getting access to a special set of bonuses that will show you how to take your "High Ticket Packages" even further and close more clients faster.
BONUS #1: 
Behind-the-Scenes of Dr Ben's Digital Agency High End Package.
I'll walk you through one of the high end Agency Packages that we sell that cost between $30k-100k.
BONUS #2: 
Behind-the-Scenes of Dr Ben's Coaching/Consulting High End Package.
Inside Dr Ben's Coaching/Consulting High End Package.</b> I'll walk you through one of the high end Coaching packages that we sell that cost between $8k-15k.
BONUS #3: 
The High End Package Facebook Ad Funnel.
I'll take you behind the scenes and show you the map of what our High End funnels looks like (From Cold Facebook ad to Closing the Deal)
BONUS #4: 
High Ticket Arbitrage.
In this special section, you'll learn exactly how to outsource almost all of the deliverables in your high ticket program. (Included are some of our favorite techniques to getting amazing work done that we end up using for Client/Coaching work)
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